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Złota Gęś Restaurants are traditional family business, founded and run, invariably, by the Kubik Family since 1945. Złota Gęś offers goose stomachs as a speciality of the house, delicious baked goose, baked chicken, backed duck, polish sour soup (żurek), cranberries marmalade, pickles, as well as, various poultry dishes accompanied by selection of side-dishes. Guests can taste traditional polish soups, meat or fish dishes or get for take away traditional products offered in our shop such as bread, sausages, smoked or cold meats, homemade pastry. We are happy to fulfill special orders of our guests or organise events. At Warszawska 46 street we offer accommodation, breakfast included. Welcome!

Awards and distinctions

Złota Gęś is a Silesian Voivodship runner-up of “AGROLIGA 2008” competition, category “Company”, organised directly under the auspice of the Minister of Agriculture, the President of Polish National Television TVP S.A., the President of ARiMR, the President of ARR and AgroBiznesKlub Association.

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Upon request of Voivodship Marshal, 7 products offered by the Złota Gęś was put on the National List of Traditional Products issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

PERŁA 2008 was awarded for goose stomachs dish – speciality of the house, prepared according to original recipe of the Family Kubik. The dish was selected, in the “Our Culinary Heritage -  Tastes of Regions” Competition, to be the ultimate polish regional meal.

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